Thoughts and Theories on Maximizing Protein Intake

by Vince Andrich

I am not a scientist, but a bodybuilding theorist, with some very smart friends. So I’ve had long discussions with some very bright people regarding protein intake, digestion and eventual muscle assembly including; Dr, Scott Connelly from MET-Rx and Jeff Feliciano…who has researched protein dynamics for over 25 years. After many conversations here are MY thoughts.

From an evolutionary perspective it appears that the amount of protein eaten per meal isn’t that big of a deal relative to building muscle mass. For example, if you were in the wild and feasted on 3-lbs of tissue protein (your last kill) in an 12 hour sitting, it may take until the next evening for it all to be digested, but not much would be wasted. This is not to say you wouldn’t feel a bit sluggish if you had to run with a belly full of meat, but eventually the nitrogen is hardly washed out.

The key factor here is that the body is well adapted to dismantling tissue proteins and thus the digestive tract has a built in time scale that inhibits protein waste (note: it may not build more muscle but that isn’t the only metabolic need either).

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