Are you working your sugar-bags (muscles) hard enough to earn your fair share of carb intake?


Vince Andrich

If you’re an avid weight trainer then you realize the training stimulus you place on each individual group of muscles relies primarily on stored energy in the muscle cell., i., e glycogen. That’s because doing 8-12 reps with a heavy enough load (so you can’t do many more than 12, if any), relies on the glycolytic energy pathway of which stored carbs are the fuel of choice. So, here is a note for all those carb-o-phobic bodybuilders out there who believe that to lose bodyfat, you need to reduce carbs to nearly ZERO, BECAUSE IN FACT, YOU DO NOT.

The truth is, if you’re training hard with weights using fairly heavy loads for multiple set of 8-12 reps all you need to do for fat loss to keep cranking is to slowly reduce carbs, not eliminate them.

Why; well as long as you are threatening your stored glycogen in muscle (glycogen again is stored carbohydrate) you are not only training with enough intensity to build and maintain more muscle, but you are depleting the very energy source (stored carbs aka sugar or glycogen) that many “experts” tell you you have no need for–-at least when trying to burn fat. Here is a tip, train with enough intensity (8-12 reps), with a brisk pace between sets, and do enough sets for each muscle group to increase each muscle’s need and ability to store the carbs you do eat. This is key because if you’re training hard you will want to eat carbs to fuel your workouts …unless you want to feel like a zombie.

Ladies, this is great reason to get into the gym and do at least 2 full body, circuit type weight-training sessions per week––skip the elliptical or treadmill on these days, and watch your metabolic rate go sky high. There are side affects; which will be 1) increasing your ability to divert carbs into muscle for your next workout and 2) you’ll feel a whole lot better. Over time your girlfriends will say; what the hell are you doing?