Building a Better Nutrition Plan

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Once you make the decision to build a better body the entire process of eating right can become difficult for some, and for others, it can seem impossible. The key is to make changes you can live with, because over time, consistency wins. One of the simplest ways to improve your diet is by increasing the protein and decreasing the carbohydrate content of just one meal per day. You can easily do this by swapping out one meal for a protein shake with a piece of fruit, or a meal replacement powder that contains some carbohydrate. Make sure the protein shake has at least 30-grams of protein (milk proteins like whey and or casein are best) and if it is a meal replacement it should contain about twice as much protein as carbohydrate. This move should be painless, convenient and cheaper than fast food. Once you put this in effect, you can then work on getting more lean protein in each of your daily meals. The key is to start doing something now, so the clock of consistency, and progress moves forward.




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