Something “Extra Ordinary”, and The Critics



Whenever you take a stand and set out to do something “extraordinary” you ruffle more than a few feathers. This is a given, because the very nature of being normal, average or ordinary is what MOST people accept for their life. This is not the same as accepting life’s ups and downs, but rather accepting less than you’re capable of. The critics favorite dig is asking you to justify taking the time to eat right and exercise when, in their view, you should be like them; “living life to the fullest” even if you wreck your health. You know they do this because they haven’t found a more meaningful way to set themselves apart, don’t you?  The critics said that the Muscle Media cover with Clark Bartram painted gold (see image) was a sign that the founder of the magazine, Bill Phillips lost his way. Yet Bill knew the risks of going against the grain, he did it all the time, and in doing so built one of the most successful performance nutrition companies ever, EAS.  I’d be surprised if your fitness program didn’t bring you a lot of new found critics. It’s a small price to pay for doing something “normal” people don’t have the courage to do.





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