Feed Your Sweet-Tooth–Get Leaner, Boost Workout Energy

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If you’re having trouble escaping simple sugar, here’s your card to get out of jail, body-fat free. Step-1) Train your muscles with at least 4-5 tough sets of 6-12 reps per muscle group. Step 2) immediately after exercise ingest 25-40 grams of lactose free milk proteins, PLUS 25-40 grams of carbohydrate. The result; exercise scientists have shown that by taking the carbs within two-hours after exercise, you’ll preferentially store them in the muscles you just trained. Plus these specific proteins will turn on your muscle building machinery. Nifty huh? The best news is that after exercise, you can eat any type of carbohydrate you want. In fact, you’ll not only stay leaner, the energy you put back into your muscles (from the carbs you eat) will give you more energy in your next workout.

Remember, this is not an excuse to eat junk, but rather a lesson in meal timing plus the power of weight-training.

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