Imbalanced Pecs, The Fix


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Here is a question I got the other day at my Q&A section at Muscle and Fitness Trainer:

My pecs

Q: Hey vince: hope doing good. Bodybuilding is been a passion for me. But when I see that my right upper pec is not developing and mass is getting on my left upper pec, I’m losing lot of morale. To make sure there is no imbalance lifting, I’m doing flat and incline presses on smith machine. but the result is zero, plz help me. Also plz suggest a routine for upper pecs. my chest routine is:

incline smith press: 4 sets flat smit press : 3 sets Flat flyes: 3 sets Pullover 2 sets.

A: Thanks for the question. I’m doing great. Many physique athletes find that during the course of their training life, they develop imbalances between the same bodypart on alternate sides of their body. In your instance it seems that the smith press might be allowing your right pectoral to do more work than your left causing imbalance. To fix this; I suggest you start off each chest training program with one arm unilateral dumbbell presses on a flat bench. On this movement, you sit on the bench with one dumbbell in each hand and lower your body in the prone/lying down position. Then get the loaded dumbbells up to the area where you do normal chest presses and perform the move, driving one arm up, while lowering the other at same time in alternate fashion. Shoot for 4 sets of 6-12 reps, alternating from side to side.

Next, move onto 45-degree incline flyes. Make sure your form is such that your elbows are locked half cocked, and that your range of motion affords a deep stretch and an arching motion when moving the dumbbells over your chest area. You should feel like you’re hugging a tree. Shoot for 4-sets of 6-12 reps on flyes as well. Last movement will be decline dumbbell presses which fully loads the upper and lower pec line. Shoot for 4 sets of 6-12 reps on declines.

This program will allow your weaker arm to adjust to working without the aid of the other, and moving into the next two movements will fully load and stress your pec muscle fibers for maximum growth. Don’t train chest more that 2 times per week with this amount of work. Let me know how it goes by dropping me a line at:

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