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For years registered dietitians and related nutritional ‘experts’ with letters behind their names have lumped dietary guidelines for “athletes” together, sometimes under the name “sports nutrition”. The key terms here are; “athletes and sports”, used in a homogenized form. On its face, these descriptions alone should make any real expert nutritionist cringe. Yet, it seems that their belief is that “anyone” who does “any” athletic activity or sport is part of some generic mass of people.


Of course they aren’t.


No offense, to any dietitians or nutritional experts reading this. The plan I’m referring to has a rightful place with athletes who are focused on, e.g., sports performance or endurance capacity. Not for those of us who just want to build muscle and improve body composition.


Optimize Energy Storage, And Bodyfat At The Same Time


The standard diet for athletes involved in organized sports as well as most any activity with an endurance component, consists of; 60-70% of its calories from carbohydrate, 20-30% from protein (sometimes even less) and 10% from fat (sometimes more). This diet emphasizes carbohydrates because the endurance or “sports” athlete places high demands on energy resources. For those interested in improving body-composition (aka a physique athlete) this diet should be avoided because:

  • Diets that contain significantly more carbohydrate than protein at each meal, shift energy storage into fat cells, not muscle cells (Devkota 2011).
  • High carb diets cause larger and longer spikes in the hormone insulin, which significantly reduces or stops your body from burning fat.
  • By design, your calorie intake on a high carb diet needs to be extremely high to deliver the protein you need.

Lastly, even serious gym goers have; family, work, social and even school commitments that limit the amount of time they have to train. So, unless you have a very physical job, most of the time you’re not exercising, and so a high carb “athletic” diet is impractical at best, and in my view counterproductive.



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