“They’re So Vain, I’d Never Be So Superficial”

Nip tuck2

Of course you wouldn’t.

What’s more selfish though, is neglecting to realize that how you look significantly impacts how you actually treat others.

The “vanity knife” really does cut both ways.

While we often deny it, and hate to admit it, instinctively we know it. That is; how we look is linked to our social and economic well-being, and that opens the door, to life’s most fleeting state; happiness. In a word, positively changing your physique equals CONFIDENCE. And that will transcend your life on many levels.

Feel better about yourself, and you’ll likely treat everyone around you a lot better.

So while conventional wisdom says you should publicly tell others; you watch your diet and go to the gym for health reasons, why fight the greatest motivator known to mankind?

Go ahead, be a little more superficial. Become self-righteous knowing you’re doing the work necessary to get the body you want.

Trying to motivate yourself with anything else is less powerful, and probably a little white lie.


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