Fanaticism, Versus Get The Ball Rolling

Slow and steady

“Obsession in pursuit of a dream, is not a vice”. This is a quote I offered many people years ago.

I apologize. That advice can set most people back.

It’s true that having a low level of commitment leads to less than desirable results. It’s like we’re expecting failure, so we don’t try as hard and brace ourselves for the worst.

And we often get it.

On the other hand, throwing yourself at an exercise and nutrition plan that is too difficult to maintain, will inevitably lead to disappointment.

Habits are created by repetition. No repetition, no habit.

In that sense, the best way to a better body through nutrition and exercise, is to make a little snowball, and get it rolling.

Don’t start with expectations that are too high or too low. Just start.

All you’re expected to do is your best. Which will mean a progressively higher amount of work and yes, repetition. As you see your progression you’ll be able to accept the results you get from the effort you put in.

Achieving your best body is an organic process, that if forced, can disappoint.

If you’re stuck, just get your snowball rolling, and let the results you want to achieve, guide your level of discipline.

Over time, you’ll likely seem like a fanatic to ordinary people, but can smile in knowing this path was rather painless.


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