Lower Leg Secrets; Big Calves Rule


Many Physique Athletes struggle to build their calves. In my view, almost as many train them improperly. The main culprit is likely the fact that like abs, training advice for calves borders on the absurd. If you’ve ever really trained calves properly you know that programs that call for training calves every workout, or every other workout is a non-starter.

You’ll be too sore to train that often, and become overtrained in a week.

If you didn’t buy into that scenario, maybe your lower leg problem is due to the “expert” advice that your calves require training with super heavy weights or an overly ambitious high rep scheme.

Neither one addresses the problem. That is, for your calves to grow, you need to place them under enough resistance, for enough reps to get a training effect.

Calves play by the same rules as all other bodyparts when it comes to growth and muscularity. That is; multiple sets of 6-12 reps, with about 60-seconds or less, rest-in-between sets.

The real kicker is that most calf exercises call for your knees to be straight and locked, not bent.

Too bad if the muscles of the lower leg are truly activated when you jump. Read; you don’t jump with you knees locked. So if you’re calves are lagging, try this.

Train calves ONLY on leg day

Exercise #1) Standing Calf Raises; 4 sets of 6 to 12 reps

Form: On standing calf raises, make sure knees are slightly bent on way up, knees locked at bottom for full stretch, motion going up should feel like you’re jumping, knees bent slightly for max contraction at top. (remember you don’t jump with your knees locked)

Use weight that you can handle do you get a full contraction at top portion of movement


Exercise #2) Seated Calf Raise; 4 sets of 6 to 12 reps

Form: On seated calf raises, put your torso above your knees, and feel your calves drive the weights up. Always use weight that you can handle do you get a full contraction at top portion of movement.

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