Living In Chaos; Take YOUR POWER Back

Power Fist

If you’re watching your diet and exercising, the greatest marketers of all-time have shown us that the ultimate ‘end benefit’ is attaining a better body. It’s in our DNA, and as most of you know I’ve ranted on this topic relentlessly. Yet, another psychological linchpin that can keep you motivated to meet that end goal is, CONTROL. The control or POWER we have over events is often elusive. Life happens, and while we don’t have control over all things, we can control how we react to what life throws our way––a discussion for another day.


What, I want to reinforce today is that most of the things that go into building a better body, ARE IN YOUR CONTROL.


Ready To Take YOUR POWER Back?


When it comes to exercise you’ll access a complete spectrum of metabolic leverage training Physique-Athlete style, which I’ve outlined here. Besides training, you also have control over what you eat each day. My nutrition plan which you can start by clicking here calls for 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate and 20% fat (high protein, moderate carbs and fats). Indeed, besides training you have the power to impact your own personal biochemistry set which is set in motion by the proteins, carbohydrates and fats (a.k.a. macronutrients) you eat.

How much control or POWER do you have? More than you might think. Here’s a quick highlight reel outlining the POWER and CONTROL that comes with becoming a Physique Athlete.


  • Protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which not only turns on your muscle building machinery, it also increases energy expenditure naturally.
  • Reducing carbs in your diet ramps up gluconeogenesis, which is how your body makes ‘new’ glucose from ‘non-carbohydrate’ sources.
  • Ramping up gluconeogenesis causes fat and protein to be broken down to make glucose.
  • Added protein to your diet helps protect muscle when gluconeogenesis is ramped up (we want fat, not muscle to be burned here).
  • Physique athlete training is designed to burn and store carbohydrates, which further stimulates gluconeogenesis.
  • Proper physique training redirects the vast majority of the glucose provided by the food you eat to be transported into your skeletal muscle cells (Baron et al., 1988).
  • Generally speaking, as you increase your training volume, the exercised muscles will incur a greater depletion of stored carbohydrate (glycogen), thereby prompting an elevation in overall fat-burning metabolism.
  • If you consume too much carbohydrate, i.e., exceeding your storage capacity in tissues other than fat cells, you will eventually incur a net fat gain.
  • Eating carbohydrate stimulates the oxidation of glucose and its storage as glycogen (Acheson et al., 1982).
  • Eating carbohydrate will instruct your metabolism to burn less fat temporarily, since it has carbohydrates to burn, but it will also cause it to store and oxidize that carbohydrate.
  • Concerning carbohydrate calories, arguably the most important factor determining your ability to lose body fat is the quantity of carbohydrate you eat.
  • Dietary carbohydrate powerfully ‘leverages’, or stimulates, its own oxidation, fat does so to a much lesser degree.
  • Contrary to popular belief, eating more fat does not substantially increase fat burning metabolism, causing more of it to be stored (Flatt et al., 1985; Forslund et al., 1999).

Don’t let everything in life just happen; take some Power back!


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