Boulder Shoulders; Major In Minor Movements

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The muscles of the shoulder area, known as deltoids or delts, take a beating. Your delts provide assistance to most all upper body movements that involve your torso (i.e., when not simply isolating your arms). Even though the delts get a lot of work, many physique athletes find this area lagging. This is because although they delts are involved in a lot of work, they are not trained with enough intensity, or more specifically; focus.

Isolation Is The Solution

The deltoids are a complex of three muscles that work in concert, but can also be isolated fairly well. The three ‘heads’ of the delts are; front or anterior, side or medial and posterior or rear. The following delt workkout effectively isolates each head, and then calls for a finsihing exercise to top it off.

Exercise Sets x Reps

Front dumbbell raises                                 4 x 6 to 12

Single arm dumbbell lateral raises                4 x 6 to 12

45-Degree Rear dumbbell flyes 4 x 6 to 12

Barbell press without lockout**                     4 x 6 to 12

**Last exercise note: press barbell just over your head, and then back over your head, repeat. These are sometimes called; over and back barbell presses.

For best results perform this workout with the follwoing split:

Divide your body into 4 workouts: Chest/Back, Quads/Hams, Shoulders/Arms, Abs/Calves

  • Workout A: Chest/Back
  • Workout B: Quads/Hamstrings
  • Workout C: Shoulders/Arms
  • Workout D:  Abs/Calves

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