Curiousity, Art & Action

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I believe skill, insight and determination to create your ‘art’ comes from the same place; relentless curiosity. You know, those curious people who ask questions like; how, why and most importantly; WHY NOT.

Are YOU Curious?

The hallmark of unrelenting curiosity is a passion for learning.

But your ability to interpret this knowledge, form your own opinions, then act on your insights, is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Are You Capable of Extraordinary?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re curious about changing your physique, so it’s unlikely you want to live an ordinary life.

Are You a Physique Athlete that cannot stand the status quo?

Your passion for learning all you can to build a better body should raise a lot of questions, but should never get in the way of your determination to succeed.

It’s your physique, your’e the artist.

What will you question, learn and act on today?

Go ahead, ACT

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