About Vince Andrich

Hi, my name is Vince Andrich, and I feel lucky to say that I have twenty-four plus years of sports nutrition business experience; both as entrepreneur, and at the Senior and Chief Executive level in the areas of general management, sales, marketing, product development and communications. These positions allowed me to work with brands and media outlets that helped shape the sports nutrition and bodybuilding industries. The companies include; Weider Global Nutrition, Weider Publications, MET-Rx USA, EAS, Muscle Media, and ErgoPharm. This experience allowed me to collaborate, write and or formally consult with many of the top brands young bodybuilders still buy today including; VPX Sports, Biotest, ISS Research, Oh Yeah, MPR, SAN, Nutrex Research, BSN, GNC and Bodybuilding.com. It has been through these experiences that has allowed me to work with the most successful and brightest minds in our field––an advanced degree you could not hope to buy at any price.

Yet, anyone who understands the principle of self-actualization, which simply means “the full use and exploitation of your talents, capacities, potentialities”, they also realize luck, and timing play a huge role in success in any endeavor (if you ever entered a bodybuilding contest when a future Mr. Olympia contender won it all–then you know timing). For me, my “lucky break” was that I was able to combine my passion for nutrition and exercise, which hit me at the early age of sixteen as a regular health food store consumer and bodybuilding enthusiast, into a career.

Why Does My Opinion Matter?

The advent of the internet has cause a proliferation of writers, and supplement gurus with opinions on the subject of building muscle, burning fat, and just which supplements you should spend your money on. This is not to say none of these writers can give you great advice, in fact many of the writers I know are ethical and well read in their respective areas of expertise. I also believe my opinions and advice can give you greater results, faster, but only if you’re willing to dedicate some time to your training, and what you put in your mouth. Sure, I’ve got some really smart friends, and great work experience, and that alone should make my opinion matter. But, I can’t help you if you don’t want to be helped, and that means you’re ready to work hard at this thing we call building your body. If you do, you’ll amaze yourself, millions of people just like you have already proved that.

What You Should Expect from Vince Andrich

Well, for starters I am not a scientist, chemist, or an MBA, I only completed a few college courses before I dropped out to pursue what I believed was my future, THE future––the impact of nutrition and exercise on health and body composition. I would not suggest going my route, because like I said, I was very, very lucky. Yet, my route into this career is evidence that I came into this business much like you, as a consumer, and someone looking to build their body who and sincerely wanted to know the best way to train, eat and supplement to look and feel better.

How I came into this business is how I approach the wide range of information we all have access to everyday––that is “I look for the science that can used in the real world”. If it isn’t practical, and we all can’t use it our program today, in my view it’s worthless drivel from Academia––and most of those folks aren’t busting their ass to get one more inch on their arms, or get down to single digit levels of bodyfat, like I am sure so many of my readers are. I look at new approaches to training and nutrition the same way––“how could this work for me, or another bodybuilder in a specific circumstance”.

Current Focus

My current writing focuses on reviewing new supplements, eating strategies, and training techniques from a practical perspective. Not to sound cliché, but I focus on information or news you can use. My writing may at times expose a trend that is noteworthy, and others that are simply marketing spin. This is really what the basis of most of my work in this industry has been based on; many companies want to follow the trends, and others, believe it or not, don’t want to follow any. The truth is, many trends are fads, but others can mark the beginning of a new way of doing things, and being closed minded is certainly not the best approach. You can review my work on Dr. Scott Connelly’s BodyRx Radio (www.bodyrxradio.com), www.bodybuilding.com, and in the Canadian based magazine Muscle Insider (www.muscle-insider.com).

Check My References––I’d Check Yours

As I said, I’ve been pretty lucky, in addition to working who I consider the best and brightest, I’ve also; Authored two industry books: Sports Supplement Review 4th Edition and No Mistakes Nutrition Guide Published in: Muscle Media, Muscle & Fitness and FLEX Edited several other books, articles etc.. Competed over 20 years ago– 1988 Mr. Nevada 1st-Light-Heavyweight & Overall.

I do currently consult and or write for many supplement brands and media outlets, BUT I will always let you know when there is a conflict of interest.

If you want to check my credentials and recommendations you can go my linkedin page: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/vince-andrich/0/954/b91


Stay strong,