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Isolated Beef Supplements; More Sizzle Than Steak

Things to Consider When Grading Protein Supplements for Their Bodybuilding Value by Vince Andrich Ever since physique athletes realized (often against mainstream science) that protein is the only nutrient that can build and repair muscle tissue, we have witnessed major Protein Wars that have waged on some relative science and more importantly pure marketing hype. […]


Lean, Muscular & Healthy; Bland with a Hint of Variety

One of the “big ideas” proposed by nutritional experts is that a varied diet is the sure-fire way to a healthier you. According to the Harvard School of Public Health; “Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help you ward off heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure, prevent some types of cancer, avoid a […]


Ultra Low-Carb/High Protein, The Quick Fix, Needs A Fix

Likely the most elusive piece of the physique changing equation for you is nutrition. It’s been no different for me. Which brings me to the crux of today’s post. That is;  the ultra low carb/high protein diet is likely the most popular nutrition plan for maximizing body-composition of them all, yet in my view misses the mark […]


Athletic & Sports Nutrition Diets, Nutrition For The Masses

For years registered dietitians and related nutritional ‘experts’ with letters behind their names have lumped dietary guidelines for “athletes” together, sometimes under the name “sports nutrition”. The key terms here are; “athletes and sports”, used in a homogenized form. On its face, these descriptions alone should make any real expert nutritionist cringe. Yet, it seems […]


Male Hormone Tune-Up, Your Diet, Only Cleaner

Food and exercise play a crucial role in the composition of your body. And it isn’t simply about energy in, energy out. It’s about chemicals. The food you eat truly becomes active after it becomes chemical messengers inside your body. Of course, training, especially with weights, activates a whole host of chemical connections that literally […]


It IS About Hormones, But Not hCG, For Losing Stubborn Bodyfat That Is

  Another day, another miracle diet, another hoax. These mythical Unicorns don’t fool those of you who’ve found the “secret” to improving your body-composition is really no secret at all. You’re part of the few that have come to realize that weight-training, cardio, nutrition and smart supplementation, as practiced by Physique Athletes, is the fastest […]


Guts, The Determination To Do It Right.

  Albert Einstein famously stated; “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Realizing that Einstein was pretty bright, I’ve used this thinking to advise clients on a wide range of topics. These can be as diverse as coaching individuals through a physique transformation, to developing business strategies for many of your favorite […]


The Almighty PUMP, Water Works

      If you’re looking to build your body these days, you’d have to be under a rock not to have seen the dizzying stream of marketing for pre-workout products that supposedly increase Nitric Oxide (a.k.a., NO). On a molecular level, NO is a very short acting gas that your body produces to relax […]


Getting Off The Juice…

  It seems that the grass roots movements towards eating more nutritious whole foods is becoming cool again. The problem is; food processors can’t sell enough of their stuff when you reach for an apple, instead of apple juice. To the uninitiated, the realization that something like good-old fashioned orange juice is really liquid candy, […]


Mr. Olympia 2011–A Sea of Products All Asking; HOW?

              If you’ve never walked the floor of the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, let me tell you it can become exhausting. Friday, I ran through (the first day) to see what’s new and exciting and an overwhelming urge came over me. That is, I wanted to scream […]

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