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Physique Nutrition: Redirecting The Magical Chemistry Tour

Food plays a crucial role in the composition of your body. And it isn’t simply about energy in, energy out. It’s about chemicals. The food you eat truly becomes active inside your body when it becomes chemical messengers. The human body orchestrates these chemicals with elaborate sensors that are nothing short of ingenious. Trouble is, […]


Curiousity, Art & Action

I believe skill, insight and determination to create your ‘art’ comes from the same place; relentless curiosity. You know, those curious people who ask questions like; how, why and most importantly; WHY NOT. Are YOU Curious? The hallmark of unrelenting curiosity is a passion for learning. But your ability to interpret this knowledge, form your […]


Living In Chaos; Take YOUR POWER Back

If you’re watching your diet and exercising, the greatest marketers of all-time have shown us that the ultimate ‘end benefit’ is attaining a better body. It’s in our DNA, and as most of you know I’ve ranted on this topic relentlessly. Yet, another psychological linchpin that can keep you motivated to meet that end goal […]


Not The Way I See It; “Thanks” For That

    It’s that time of year again. Time to give thanks for all the blessings we often take for granted. Time to be with family and friends. Time to stop and smile about good times we shared with those that aren’t in our lives anymore.     It’s not easy, but having the presence […]


Lean, Muscular & Healthy; Bland with a Hint of Variety

One of the “big ideas” proposed by nutritional experts is that a varied diet is the sure-fire way to a healthier you. According to the Harvard School of Public Health; “Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help you ward off heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure, prevent some types of cancer, avoid a […]


“They’re So Vain, I’d Never Be So Superficial”

Of course you wouldn’t. What’s more selfish though, is neglecting to realize that how you look significantly impacts how you actually treat others. The “vanity knife” really does cut both ways. While we often deny it, and hate to admit it, instinctively we know it. That is; how we look is linked to our social […]


Athletic & Sports Nutrition Diets, Nutrition For The Masses

For years registered dietitians and related nutritional ‘experts’ with letters behind their names have lumped dietary guidelines for “athletes” together, sometimes under the name “sports nutrition”. The key terms here are; “athletes and sports”, used in a homogenized form. On its face, these descriptions alone should make any real expert nutritionist cringe. Yet, it seems […]


Beyond Built; Arms That Look Impressive Standing Still

    One of the hallmarks of an experienced Physique Athlete is they look great standing still. That’s part of the grand plan; visually arresting in real life, not just if you hit a pose. When your relaxed arms are viewed from the side, (short sleeves or shirtless), this area is the centerpiece of your “still […]


You Can Use Your Balls Now, Training For An 8-Pack

  If you’ve been fighting the urge to “ride” that lonely stability ball, otherwise known as the poster child of the functional training craze,  there’s still hope. I mean, there really is a legitimate reason for someone who simply wants to build their best physique, to use those shiny, colorful balls. First, if you haven’t […]


“My motivation is simple: I’m trying to save your life”

My favorite quote from Robb Wolf; research biochemist, strength coach, athlete, friend and author of the bestseller––The Paleo Solution; “My motivation is simple: I’m trying to save your life. I never could help my parents—it would sure be nice if you’d let me help you”. Get the book, I did, and to sum it up, Robb’s brilliance […]

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