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Living In Chaos; Take YOUR POWER Back

If you’re watching your diet and exercising, the greatest marketers of all-time have shown us that the ultimate ‘end benefit’ is attaining a better body. It’s in our DNA, and as most of you know I’ve ranted on this topic relentlessly. Yet, another psychological linchpin that can keep you motivated to meet that end goal […]


Getting Leaner; “End All” Diet Plan, Starts Here

  Here is a question I get all the time. “Is what you eat, or how many calories you eat, more important for fat loss?” The answer is, you can’t have one without the other to truly succeed. That said, I firmly believe that the ratio of, proteins to carbs to fats, you consume each […]


Lean, Muscular & Healthy; Bland with a Hint of Variety

One of the “big ideas” proposed by nutritional experts is that a varied diet is the sure-fire way to a healthier you. According to the Harvard School of Public Health; “Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help you ward off heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure, prevent some types of cancer, avoid a […]


Another Rushed Workout; “No Time” Is Now On Your Side

When it comes to time, we’re all tapped out.  If we only had more of it, we’d get that body we really want, right? Well, before you skip training and blame it on “your busy schedule” consider this.   Having less time to train is your new secret weapon. If you use straight sets during […]


Triple-Action Fat Burning Machine, Totally Portable, Only Better

I guess there will always be a debate over the quickest way to burn off bodyfat. I mean it’s not enough when a nutrition plan, exercise program, gadget, or even a supplement has been shown to help take off the fat––it’s never fast enough. And when a method has been proven to work, it’s supposedly […]


Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Live Life, 3-Day/Week Training Routines

                          Here is another question I answered over at my blog on muscle and fitness trainer: “body building questions”. Q: hi am, josian: and i have a question for you: i want to workout 3 times per week like, monday, wednesday and […]


It IS About Hormones, But Not hCG, For Losing Stubborn Bodyfat That Is

  Another day, another miracle diet, another hoax. These mythical Unicorns don’t fool those of you who’ve found the “secret” to improving your body-composition is really no secret at all. You’re part of the few that have come to realize that weight-training, cardio, nutrition and smart supplementation, as practiced by Physique Athletes, is the fastest […]


Look Different, Your Body That Is

                    I believe the best compliment a fitness minded person can get is; Wow, you look great, what do you do? While it’s true that we live in a world of, “different strokes, for different folks”, I’d bet that adding some lean muscle (without more bodyfat) […]


Same Exercises, Same Sets, Very Different Results

It makes perfect sense. Most men, going to the gym to lift, pick an exercise and keep adding weight until they can’t even do a few reps. While most women, if they do go to the gym to lift weights, pick an exercise and keep removing weight until they can’t make it any lighter. The men believe; […]

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