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BodyRx Radio Show #022

Join us Live–Thursday June 23, 12-noon-2-PM Pacific Training Modalities and Hormone Response; Fast, slow, heavy, light; Does how you train effect hormone levels, and will this make a difference in your pursuit of size, strength and or improvements in body composition? Dr. Scott Connelly, Vince Andrich, Dr. Layne Norton, Patrick Arnold and Carl Lanore with Special […]


Q: Vince, what is your personal supplement intake & regimen?

  Here is a recent question that came to me over at my blog at the MF Trainer site (  Since I get this question quite a bit, I thought readers of would appreciate it if I actually answered it here as well.   Q: Vince, what is your personal supplement intake & regiment? […]


Beyond Built: Training Your Pivot Points for Total Body Re-Design

by Vince Andrich I have a true love for “classic bodybuilding,” a term that for me, describes the practice of consciously developing a body with the “correct” combination of size, shape and proportions. That said, the goals I have for my own body are usually shunned by the “bigger is better” fans of bodybuilding, and […]


Protein Digestion Rates: Meal Planning

by Vince Andrich QUESTION: A guy at the gym told me that protein powders get digested at different rates, and that I should take in different types of protein through the day. What types of protein should I take? ANSWER: Bodybuilders need both slow- and fast-digesting proteins in their diets because each type has specific […]


How to Unleash Your Body Transformation Genius

by Vince Andrich So you’re ready to take your physique to an entirely new level and make believers of your family, friends and even some enemies. To make this happen, you know you can’t keep doing the same old things, over and over and expect a different result, as that would be insanity. You need […]



How To Redesign Your Training For Arms That AMAZE. by Vince Andrich Quick, what pose would you most likely see if you ask a bodybuilder to flex? Yes, you guessed it, an arm pose. It could be a front double bicep, side tricep or just throwing up one GUN. The fact is, arm development is […]

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